The Story Behind the Sweets - Intro

I, Neka Holmes, own Experience Nek's (formerly Nek's Sweets).

Originally from a small community in Louisiana, I moved to Georgia in 2011.

Cooking and baking are a part of my family's orientation: my maternal grandmother was an excellent cook, and my Mom and aunts are avid cooks! I was raised knowing the value of a home-cooked meal and freshly baked cakes.

As the kitchen is the heart of every home, the kitchen is also my heart.

My Southern dessert menu is not a random selection! Each dessert is inspired by my Grandmother, Mom, Aunts, and family, made with quality ingredients, and prepared with lots of love.

I used to share random snippets about my dessert inspirations on social media. Moving forward, I'll blog the story behind the Sweets here.

Pecan Pralines, Banana Pudding, Pound Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, and others were all inspired by my Mom and aunts.

Stay tuned; I will tell you all about it.

Do you have a favorite dessert story? #TellYourDessertStory

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